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Little Kings

Little Kings

Little Kings!!! Blending rock, funk, blues, and whatever else is turning us on. Check out our CD “Independent Valentine” on iTunes and Amazon Music. 🎶 | 📧 (not available) | 📞  (520) 286-4282

Santa Pachita

Santa Pachita is a 9-piece band that blends a variety of musical styles to create an entertaining night of dancing for everyone. The congas, flute, and trumpet add depth to the energetic music that is influenced by ska, cumbia, rumba-salsa, and bands like Manu Chao. Santa Pachita has filled venues such as Rialto Theater, Tucson …

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Little House of Funk

Little House of Funk is all about keeping the dance floor full. They play a unique blend of fun, funky music best described as Sonoran Soul. Little House of Funk is comprised of Connie Brannock on vocals and sometimes Cajon, Marty Perry-guitar, Gary Love-sax, Troy Martin-bass and vocals, and a host of other funky folks …

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Miss Olivia and the Interloopers

Miss Olivia & the Interlopers

A band from Tucson, AZ who just released their debut EP ‘Tiny Tales – is available wherever you stream music. We pull from all of our influences and try to make the best music we can make. Our sound is a pinch of Erykah Badu’s soul, a drop of the gospel-tinged blues of The Black …

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The Rillito River Band

We are a 5 member band that plays some originals and covers from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Van Morrison, Santana, Etc. 🎶 | 📧 (not available) | 📞 Russel Long (520) 977-6771

Chalako The Band

Chalako The Band

Hold on to your seats and get ready to take a musical trip around the continents. Chalako brings the flavors of an old Chilean folk song, climbs the Andes to entertain you with a Cumbia from Peru, drops by, and picks up a Pop song from Argentina. From the Caribbean, Chalako’s Cuban-influenced Salsa, and Bachata …

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Johnnie and the Rumblers

Johnnie and the Rumblers

Johnnie and the Rumblers are a “ baby boomers” band. Johnnie states, “We’re a couple of guys in our 60’s. Life has beat us up a bit but we’re still jamming! We discovered our passion for music back in the 60’s & 70’s. Over the years, we’ve held jobs,had families, mortgages, and have navigated life’s …

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OnesAll is a fun funk/rock band from Tucson, AZ. This band, featuring a family of musicians has opened for headline classic rock bands to progressive jazz artists. OnesAll often adds and features other talented musicians to their show lineup. The band fuses thick funky grooves, tight vocals, and exciting rock sounds into fun dance and …

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Whiskey Treats

Whiskey Treats is a high-energy mix of folk, bluegrass, and country music that keeps crowds engaged and wanting more. Led by frontman and songwriter Brett Dooley, Whiskey Treats has been rocking the Southwest since have some amazingly comfortable and good-looking Whiskey Treats shirts for sale, please buy one! 🎶 | 📧 …

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Mass Transit

Mass Transit

Yacht rock and classic dance hit from the 70s to today. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @azbywayofmassTrack store and tip jar: Heather O’Day has been a fixture in southern AZ music since 1997. Heather and her partner, Stephen Anthony have led local groups together since 2008. Mass Transit is a unique …

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