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For over 14 years, one of Tucson’s Local Bands, Top Dead Center, hosted an annual Christmas food drive to benefit the So. Arizona Community Food Bank. In 2019, we changed the food drive’s name to the Randy Clamons Salem the Bear Annual Food Drive in honor of the band’s leader, who passed away in June 2019. Randy was the organizer and promoter of the annual food drive, and often he coincided with his birthday, December 28. Helping other people was a huge part of who Randy was, and we are honored to continue this tradition in his name.

All online and in-person donations will be collected and donated at the end of the event, minus any applicable service fees, to The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Thank you for donating, and don’t forget to join us for Top Dead Center on Saturday, December 10th from 5-8 at The Hut!

Randy Clamons Salem the Bear Annual Food Drive
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