Chateau Chateau

Leading a trail of glitter, Chateau Chateau was birthed in 2018 by Bleu and Alex. Meeting in the Arizona desert, the contrasting duo picked up their bedazzled keytar and googly-eye guitar and began making the cathartic indie-pop sprinkled with post-punk that they’ve become known for. Their songs explore dark subjects like mental illness, addiction, and trauma, with effervescent tracks packed full of grim humor and sarcasm. But always get serious to encourage independence, proud resilience, and growth.
Their self-released debut single ‘Crisis Party’(2018) quickly built them a reputation. With the momentum, their shows sank the hook. Featuring up to nine people on stage, always sequined self-made fits, props, light shows, confetti cannons, or giant dancing eyeballs, they stood out. From their EP Evidence to LP Princess, to any of their many singles, they show off their growth and evolution, complimenting each show to their music and telling an ongoing story in the details.
In May ‘22, the band released LP ‘Grow Up’. The album walks through Bleu’s formative years as she lets go of guilt and takes back her power. Each song is dedicated to different cases of abuse, toxicity, exploitation, and more, that faced Bleu with pivotal decisions. Refreshingly, ‘Grow Up’ is an emotionally vulnerable yet dauntless proclamation of maturing self-respect, confidence, and evolution.
Don’t miss their newest single with Kill Rock Stars, ‘Liar Liar’, available on all streaming platforms this August of 2023! Bleu and Alex continue to take over the world on their upcoming tour this fall, so if they’re performing in your city, put on your best sequin shirt and have a blast with them and their giant eyeballs, as this unstoppable power couple proves why it doesn’t take long to be completely enamored by their art.

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Chateau Chateau

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