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Tucson Local Bands YouTube Channel
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We are growing our online Tucson music community and we would love to have you be a part of it! When you send us your video to add to our YouTube channel it will be placed in a playlist designated for your band. If we have not created a playlist for you yet we will when we upload your video. Once uploaded we will be able to share your video with the entire Tucson music community!

Would you like to add your videos of your band or your favorite band or musician to our YouTube Channel? Contact us to let us know!

The easiest way for us to receive your band video is through WeTransfer.

WeTransfer offers free and easy file transfers. If that option is not available to you please let us know what other options are available to you. When transferring your files, we do ask you notify us first so that we give you the email address to send it to and so can look for the email notification.

Also, please provide the text that you want to be listed in the description box of the video on YouTube. You will want to include the bands name, who filmed the video, the bands website or social media site, virtual tip jar link(if available), name of the venue and any additional information that you would like included in the description.

Do you already have a YouTube Channel?

If you already have a YouTube channel send us the link. We will be more than happy to add your channel to our Featured Channel list. If you would like for us to include a video(s) that are on your YouTube channel send us the links and we will upload them to our channel as well. We will use the description already provided or if you would like to make a new description let us know.

We are here to help promote you. Please let us know if you have questions.

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