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a tribal revival at the hut

A Tribal Revival

One of the missions of this website is to support Tucson Local Bands and their community events. Recently, Nickishia Yadao tagged me in a Facebook post to announce a Tribal Revival event that she is helping to organize benefiting those affected by domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Nickishia was kind enough to

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Tucson’s Very Own Dancing Man

One of the best things about Tucson is seeing Kit dancing at various live music events. He always has a smile on his face, he radiates kindness, and he helps connect our community through friendship. When he starts dancing, the energy of the entire venue becomes happier and his love for life shines bright. The

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Tucson Local Bands

Lets Stay Connected!

Staying connected is a large part of why we created this website. We have created a Facebook Page so that we can chat and we have created a YouTube Channel so that you can see recordings of your favorite bands or musicians anytime.

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Tucson Local Bands

Welcome to Tucson Local Bands!

There is something about a live show that enriches our lives and helps fill us up with positive energy and life. Around town, we’ve been called the local “super fans” because we are always at every show we can make it to, and we are always doing everything we can to support the local musicians. What we really are is grateful.

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