Welcome to Tucson Local Bands!

Tucson Local Bands

Hello and welcome to Tucson Local Bands! My name is Erika Tenney, and that handsome guy with me in the picture is my husband Geof. Geof and I love music, but we love LIVE music more! There is something about a live show that enriches our lives and helps fill us up with positive energy and life. Around town, we’ve been called the local “super fans” because we are always at every show we can make it to, and we are always doing everything we can to support the local musicians. What we really are is grateful.

We’re grateful to live in a city where live music thrives, where literally any night of the week an amazing group of musicians is playing somewhere.

What is truly unique about these musicians is how they intermix with each other, support each other, and how they love their fans.

Music helps us escape, and it can help us remember happier times. Music helps us grow our circle of friends and stay connected to them. While we do everything we can to support our bands during their shows I felt that we could do a little bit more, but I didn’t know what. And then I had an idea….

TucsonLocalBands.com – a one-stop guide to local music in Tucson!

Some of the questions that I have been asked while volunteering during live music events include: “How do I find this band outside of Facebook?” and “What other bands should I go see in Tucson?” It was obvious that we needed a one-stop guide to help our musical community. TucsonLocalBands.com was created.

Musicians have limited tools to promote their shows, with fans being a huge part and important tool. Our goal with this website to provide a central location for all bands, musicians, and fans, to list and find the next great show in Tucson.

Tucson Local Bands

With a little help from my sister…

While I was talking to my sister about this crazy idea I had. I wanted to make an online, fan-based music guide she said she wanted to help. Her experience as a graphic designer and as an online marketer/brander has been generously donated. She has designed this site to be as clear and easy to use as possible. The bands create events, and they create their profile page. The fans click on the profiles pages and the events are displayed on a calendar that is easy to access. All of this is free to the bands and free to the fans!

We are excited to be able to support this website to be used as a resource for both musicians and fans!

Fundraising, Tip Jars, and Making Sure Local Music is Here for the Long Haul

Tucson Local Bands

On our front page, you will see a photo of the mural that was created for Randy Clamons at the Hut on 4th Avenue. The community came together to fund raise a mural. This mural is a reminder of his hard work building a community that is caring and open to diversity. Randy was the leader of the band Top Dead Center, and because of his generosity, he helped numerous musicians find their place in Tucson.

He opened up the stage to have a guest play with the band every week. He organized a “tweener set”, a set starring small guest bands and solo musicians, to be played in between sets. This is how we met so many of the bands we go see today. He instilled community values and support in his fans. He organized benefit shows every year to support the Tucson Community Food Bank. Family, friends and community are the values we are trying to carry on with this website.

One thing you will see on this site is an effort to raise funds for local musicians.

The community support and fundraising for Randy’s mural brought joy to many of us during a time of loss. We will be working to continue fundraising efforts for various events in our music community. Revenue will be generated through ads displayed throughout the site, donation buttons, and virtual tip jars provided by the performers. We’re still working out the details, so stay tuned for updates as we continue to build out the site.

This website will grow and we know that you will want to refer to this site every week to keep in touch with your bands. One of my favorite music quotes is “Without love in the dream it will never come true” by the Grateful Dead. Music helps us focus and we will always have a love of music. As long as the bands want to play we will be here and we hope you will be also.

If you have ideas for the site, or just want to say hello… drop us a comment below!

Much love,


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Tucson Local Bands!”

  1. Excellent. We had our Volkswagen Bus “Bertha Bus, “with

    Support Live Music. Bumper stickers. Bring them back. Pass them out. Love

  2. Are you organizing the true virtual, archive, tip jar! Is there a board or something i can joing to make this happen. Gotta save our musicians. 437-8719

  3. Need a better name. A snap name. A place to go to hit the button and get thecsite. One imagine, one name. Distrcrete from the old tucsonlocalbands.

    This is a different entity

  4. Hi Erika,
    Dee Molina here , Bassist for Sunset Red – It was a pleasure meeting you at Monsoon’s on Saturday, and I want to say a big Thank You and let you know how much we appreciated you posting the videos of us performing. You all are awesome and we hope to see you again!
    Thanks and best regards,
    Dee Molina
    Bass Guitar, Vocals

  5. I’m the guy who comments to the band after they’re first song “You guys are pretty good.” It’s not meant to be condescending, and I wouldn’t to it to a band that was not “pretty good”. It began with The Reztones. a favorite Tucson band, and had gone from there. I recently was at a show where I heard someone yell it.

    My duty here is complete.

    Actually, Tucson is a killer place to live since there is almost always some music somewhere. I’m a live music lover who’s from Wichita, KS, so Tucson is dynamite.

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