A Tribal Revival

One of the missions of this website is to support Tucson Local Bands and their community events. Recently, Nickishia Yadao tagged me in a Facebook post to announce a Tribal Revival event that she is helping to organize benefiting those affected by domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Nickishia was kind enough to accept an interview for our website so we can help spread the word about this important event.

Never be Afraid to Ask for Help

During the interview, I was pulled in by the passion Nickishia has for her community, the need to help others, and get the word out about free resources that Tucson has to offer. Through her own experiences, she has learned how hard it can be to find help and she wants to make sure that anyone who needs help is able to get it. She has chosen specific agencies to participate in this event and will offer help when needed, regardless of financial status:

Nickishia and her husband, Tony, perform often in their band, The Falcons, and with the band, Neon Profit. Creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy music, conversation, and moments during their shows is very important to Nickishia. She works hard to create a safe community where everyone can feel accepted and loved.

How did the idea for the Tribal Revival event get started?

3 years ago, my father and some friends that work with CMS (Community Medical Services,) and THOR (The House of Rossi,) got together and spoke about doing this event. Since then, my father has passed away, but it became an even bigger motivation after my sister passed away from a drug overdose just 3 weeks after my father passed. I, myself have been a victim of Domestic Violence and have struggled with mental health issues since the passing of my sister and father. So this event means a great deal to me on many levels.

Is anyone sponsoring this event?

No, this is all being done by volunteers from CMS, CoSIT (Church of Safe Injection Tucson,) and THOR. All of the entertainment has also agreed to do this to help the cause.

How will this event support those affected by domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues? 

CMS, CoSIT, THOR, and HOPE, INC. will have representatives such as therapists, peer-to-peer counselors, advocates, and caseworkers to help point people in the right direction. They are offering services free of charge to those in need. All will have resources available for people to seek out even after the show. CMS and CoSIT will be giving away Narcan Kits that include Narcan, Fentanyl Strips, safe Needle exchange, etc. 

The Falcons Tribal Revival

What bands will be playing?

The Falcons, Elevenacity, and Method to The Madness

What other acts will be performing during the event?

Tucson Fire Tribe, One Heart Beat, and individual burlesque dancers. There will also be face painting, body painting, fire dancers, poetry reading, and more! Keep updated on the official Facebook Event Page.

If people can’t go, is there a way for them to still support the event?

Yes, here are the links to contact the organizations directly:

If anyone has questions or needs additional information, who should they contact?

Contact me directly through Facebook or through our Facebook event page.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This show is for everyone. It’s free of judgment. Imagine a mini Woodstock with resources that incorporate community needs under the safety of peace and love. 

EVENT INFORMATION: Are you, or someone you know affected by Substance Abuse, Dometic Violence, and/or Mental Health Issues? We got you covered! FREE services will be provided by CMS (Community Medical Services,) CoSIT (Church of Safe Injection Tucson,) Hope, Inc, and THOR (The House of Rossi.) To top it all off, we will have multiple live bands, (The Falcons, Elevenacity, and Method to the Madness,) an open drum circle led by One Heart Beat, fire dancing led by Tucson Fire Tribe, Burlesque, Art, Poetry, Body/Face Painting, and more! No Cover. All Ages, (any person under the age of 21 will need to be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.) This is truly an event for all!

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