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Live Music, I love Tucson local bands

Let’s face it, 2020 is not like any year we have ever seen with the extreme challenges we have had to overcome. It seems like every week, we are faced with unbelievable obstacles. Too often it seems easier to hide and hope the storm blows away. With the closure of bars and most music venues, live music is almost non-existent in a time when we need it the most.

I have seen some musicians keep in contact with their fans through live streaming on Facebook. Others have continued to perform in outdoor venues that promote social distancing. Trying to stay in touch with each other has created new challenges, and in some situations it almost feels like we are starting back at the beginning.

With all of the consistent changes going on, it is hard to keep up. Over the past few months, I have learned some ways to enjoy Tucson Local Bands that I would like to share them with you. I have also asked my friends on Facebook what they are doing to help support our Tucson Local Bands.

Now, more than ever before, it is so important to support our Tucson Local Bands!

I have put together some ways that we can all enjoy live music, support our bands and venues. Going out to see live music can be a little bit of work. It is important to not forget about our music community and continue to support as often as we can!

Live music in Restaurants and venues
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Support Tucson Local Restaurants, Bars & Venues

Owning and managing a restaurant or bar has never been harder. The rules are changing weekly. Not only do they have to manage their bottom line, their staffing, their quality dishes, and their buildings, they now have new challenges to address. They are spending more time keeping up with health department rules and stay in compliance in order to keep their doors open and licenses in good standing.

Having a live band play at their venue bumps that stress level up another notch. It is so important right now that we do what we can to support the owners, the managers, the servers, the bartenders, the cooks, and the maintenance crew.

How can you support them? Here are some suggestions:

  • Be patient! Everyone is working hard to make sure our community is safe for everyone to enjoy.
  • Call the venue ahead and ask if a reservation is needed. With the reduced capacity and social distancing guidelines, tables will fill up quickly!
  • Continue to tip your servers and bartenders and let them know that they are doing a great job! They will appreciate the verbal acknowledgment and it will help to lessen their stress they are feeling.
  • Learn the venue’s hours of operation. Call and ask if they have any restrictions when going to see your favorite bands and musicians. Many places are now requiring masks in outdoor settings when you are not seated at a table.
  • Dancing may not be allowed to help reduce the risk so please ask ahead of time!
  • Find your venue’s social media sites and follow them!

Find Your Musicians on Facebook (and other social media platforms) and Follow Them

Tucson Local Bands Facebook
Tucson Local Bands Facebook

Finding your favorite bands and musicians on Facebook and the other social media platforms they may be on is a FREE and easy way to support them. You can search their name through Google or other search engines.

When you find them, send them a message to say Hi and that you support them. I’m sure they will appreciate the gesture!

Manage the notifications with each group to ensure that you receive notifications when your band makes a post regarding their live or streaming events. This is a super easy and FREE way to show your support!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, go search Facebook for “TUCSON MUSIC” groups and join them. You will see a variety of established groups that have musicians posting their events.

While you are there, go “like” our Facebook page and stay we will help you stay in touch!

Share Your Favorite Bands’ Social Media with Your Friends!

Another easy and FREE way to show your support is to share their sites with your friends. Encourage your friends to share with their friends. This will help grow our music community and help everyone stay in touch!

Watch Party, What in the world is that? When you come across a live stream on Facebook, create a “watch party” that will post on your wall. This will encourage your friends to watch with you while allowing you to chat with them as you both watch. These watch parties are super fun and a great way to stay connected while you watch live music in 2020.

The Tucson Vibe Project

The Tucson Vibe is an AMAZING project managed by Robin Hunn. It is designed to support Tucson Local Bands and Musicians!

This project is a new book and companion compilation CD that highlights 15 smaller venues in the downtown/4th Ave. area and 15 musicians/bands that play at those venues.  This book is intended to help those unfamiliar with these neighborhoods to explore the wonderful local music scene. The CD showcases the great diversity of talent and genres.  All of the 15 songs are original and several are new releases. The songs range from country blues to Americana, to folk to R & B, to soul to rock and roll, to funk to punk.

Any profit that is made from the sale of The Tucson Vibe book and CD will go right back into helping musicians. Please help spread the word about this initiative to help musicians!

Search for Your Favorite Band on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing index of live music. I have enjoyed searching for my favorite musicians and I have been surprised to see how many videos I do find, especially the older ones that have been posted over the years. I like to play the videos as background music as I work on my projects and in my office.

Did you know we have a YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos from our Tucson Local Bands? Go check it out!

Give Your Band More Exposure (FOR FREE!)

Live music Tucson Local Bands YouTube
Tucson Local Bands YouTube

Did you know our YouTube channel also showcases Tucson Local Bands in their own playlist? If you have a video performance of your band, send it to us and we will be happy to post it to our channel along with your band’s information, virtual tip jar, creator information, and recording information. Here is some additional information on how to send videos to us: CLICK HERE!

TIP: While you are visiting our YouTube channel, please SUBSCRIBE and RING the bell! This is another FREE way you can support Tucson Local Bands!

Also, did you know that when we upload videos to our YouTube channel they will appear on the home page of our website? This is one more way we are working to support Tucson Local Bands and give them a little more exposure!

Encourage Bands, Musicians, and Venues to Use Our Website

We built this website to be a FREE resource for bands, musicians, and venues to come together to promote their passion. By helping to spread the word about our free resources, you are helping to support our community. You are helping others to learn more about Tucson Local Bands while keeping music in Tucson alive!

Bands and musicians can enter their scheduled events for FREE (live events and live stream events) and venues can enter their music events for FREE also! What I really LOVE about our site is that it lists venues where our local bands play. When you click on the venue, you will see a schedule of shows that are coming up. An easy way to see what is happening around Tucson. How cool is that?

If you have ideas you would like to contribute to this list, contact me or comment on this post. Lets continue to find ways to enjoy and support our Tucson Local Bands.

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