Tucson’s Very Own Dancing Man

Video courtesy of the Just Be You Project– Dancing Man, credit to documentary filmmaker Evan Grae Davis

One of the best things about Tucson is seeing Kit dancing at various live music events. He always has a smile on his face, he radiates kindness, and he helps connect our community through friendship. When he starts dancing, the energy of the entire venue becomes happier and his love for life shines bright. The audience and the band immediately start smiling when Kit arrives.

Photo courtesy of Amber Johnson

Kit encourages everyone to be themselves, to embrace the life they have been given, and to live life to the best of their ability. He connects to people through his dance, through his gentle personality, and through his joyful outfits. His contagious energy has helped me keep an open mind about the world we live in and to remember to appreciate the small things life has to offer.

When I asked him if I could interview him for my website, he smiled and instantly said yes. Below is the interview along with some thoughts from friends who have become acquainted with Kit.

Full Name: Kit Estes
Occupation: Creative Problem Solver, Joyful Dancer
Born: Springfield, Missouri

Kit, The Dancing Man, of Tucson has added so much joy to our lives by being fully who he is, and sharing his love of dancing and live music with our City. In doing so he actively encourages others to come out of bubbles of isolation and join in the feast of life. He might even inspire great musicians to be even better. What a great service he’s been providing our community!

Manon Philine Getsi 

Kit is my friend first and foremost. Me being on the dance floor alone wouldn’t be possible if Kit hadn’t blazed the trail. We share a pure joy of being out there close to the music. And we know how to laugh and show others what fun looks like!

Tom Pearson
Photo courtesy of Amber Johnson

When I see Kit I know we’re gonna have a GREAT gig. The love and energy he brings lights up the whole room. He’s family. I love Kit!

Bryan Dean

He’s just like what his hand-painted clothing says, “Joy”, “Love.” He’s like a cheerleader of the Tucson live music scene, every musician knows him and he motivates the audience to get up and dance. He inspires us so much that Bryan changes the lyrics when he’s there. I’ve seen him eating while dancing…. or dancing while eating.

Koko Matsumoto

What is your first memory of seeing live music?

Probably the first live music was singing church music and making music at friends in junior high. Though probably the very first experience of live music was the first time I sang, and singing thrilled me and I found that singing to me seemed to be more important/powerful and exhilarating than just speaking.

What is your favorite part about live music?

Feeling it flow through my whole body, till I feel like I am the music

Do you play any instruments? If so, how long have you been playing?

Yes, I play the greatest instrument of all time, my human body, as long as I can remember

Who is one of your favorite local musicians or bands?

Bryan Dean and his trio

Photo courtesy of Erika Tenney

What is your favorite local venue?

El Casino Ballroom is the best

Some people call you “The dancing man of Tucson” and “an inspiration to our community”. Do you think you are an inspiration to our community through dancing?

Many people who over the years have told me that when they see me dance they become happy and are inspired to show their joy.

If you could attend any live musical performance, past or present, who would it be?

Maybe a concert with Mozart and the Beatles together on the Stage

Photo courtesy of ZocaloMagazine.com

What advice do you have for aspiring local musicians?

Let your music set you free, create the music that wants to speak through you, and allow it to come out. The rest of the answer to this question is what does this musician want to do with their music, and my answer would be longer and more directed about choreographing, designing set-lists that will take their audience on a joyful journey that allows them to express themselves freely. Discover what your audience’s needs are and feel genuine about what you do.

7 thoughts on “Tucson’s Very Own Dancing Man”

  1. I loved meeting Kit a few years ago when I moved to Tucson. He truly is the dancing man of Tucson and a dear person who has inspired me to dance more freely!
    Susan Weber

  2. I have seen him multiple times at one of the local farmers markets by the Rillito Race Track. I have always wondered what his story was. Thank you for writing this! It was truly inspirational!

  3. Kit is one of a kind and a very kind one! The music community loves what he brings every time. He is a brother to all who get it about this life and it’s journey. We have some important choices that create our lives imprint. To be happy is the smartest. Kit is all the way live!
    AmoChip Dabney

  4. I love this guy, and this story. I dont really know him, but I have seen him st many shows and said hello a few times. He’s an incredibly nice person. I LOVE music, and its inspiring to see someone enjoy it so genuinely.

  5. Kit has musical bones. Which will vibrate along with the music. His sense of connection with the music through his dance is inspiring. We are all, so connected through his willingness to dance, that we dance with him in our hearts. Thank you Kit. Thank you.

  6. First, Thank You Kit for sharing yourself!
    Thank You for the video and interview!
    Kit has more energy than a room of 3 year olds!
    Dances from the first sound check til the final note!
    You are correct the minute you see Kit you first smile, then relax, then Dance!
    So cool to have so many people who don’t even know him personally Love seeing him! I’m a fan for sure!

  7. Bravo, Kit, brother in dance! Everything you say about dance (and life, for that matter) is exactly how I feel when I dance. Keep dancing, amigo!

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